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Police predicted terrorist Sudesh Amman would attack after jail release — less than a month before London knife rampage


POLICE predicted a terrorist would attack the public on his release from jail — less than a month before he went on a knife rampage, an inquest heard.

Officers and MI5 said it was a case of when, not if Sudesh Amman, 20, would strike and rated him one of Britain’s most dangerous men.

They considered arresting him when he was seen in Poundland buying items that could be used in a fake suicide device.

They did not act due to lack of evidence. But two days later he went on a stabbing rampage in Streatham, South London, wearing a bogus suicide belt made from Irn-Bru bottles, parcel tape and kitchen foil he had bought. 

Amman, who is originally from Coventry and of Sri Lankan descent, was shot by police after stabbing two people on Streatham High Road.

The inquest was told there had been concerns over Amman’s behaviour before he was released from Belmarsh Prison, notably his allegiance to Islamic State, apparent desire to radicalise others, and reluctance to engage with authority.

Amman had been released from Belmarsh jail on January 23 2020 after serving half of a 40-month sentence for obtaining and distributing material for terrorist purposes.

The hearing into his death will continue today at the Royal Courts of Justice.

CCTV of Streatham terrorist Sudesh Amman being followed by undercover cop on his way to attack

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