Unruly police were caught in camera battering a mother and a son with a skateboard after they were called to break up a dance party.

Mum Eliana Malaquias Barbosa, 45, claimed the military police broke into her home without a warrant on October 13 and assaulted her and her son, Ataniel Barbosa Alves de Sousa in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Video taken by a family member shows at least one uniformed police officer shouting at Ataniel by the stairs at their house in Jardim Damasceno of the Brasilandia region.

It's alleged that the police were called to end a 'funk ball'  - a dance party boomed with loud hip-hop music - that had blocked streets in the neighbourhood.

One officer strikes Eliana and her son Ataniel with a skateboard

Eliana is seen rushing down the flight of stairs and arguing with the police.

At one point, the police hurls object towards the pair and beating a man with a baton.

The 45-year-old mother claimed she had suffered a broken finger after the police threw a skateboard at her.

A police officer is seen battering a man with a baton
Eliana claimed the incident left her with a broken finger

Ataniel, 24, was said to have suffered a swollen arm, according to local media Catra Calivre .

Eliana told the reporter: "I had a feeling it was the end. Even with God I fought.

"Not because they hurt me, not because I got all purple, but because they took my son without clothes, without documents, without anything."

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Her son said one of the officers even pointed a knife at his three-year-old sister.

The incident has led the local authorities to launch an investigation to the conduct of the police after the government's social protection agency exposed the images.

The accused police allegedly told the investigators that it 'was necessary to employ moderate physical force'.