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Piers Morgan writes off Gary Neville’s five point-plan to save Premier League season and calls football ‘irrelevant’

GARY NEVILLE has revealed his five-point plan to save the 2019-20 Premier League season - but Piers Morgan scoffed at it, calling football "irrelevant".

The Manchester United legend has had his say on how he would finish the 2020-21 campaign - and how it would affect next season.

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Amongst his suggestions, Neville would finish this season as quickly as possible, condense 2020-21 and keep the transfer window open all season.

The Premier League and Football League has already cancelled all football until April 30 at the earliest.

And it is growing increasingly unlikely the current campaign can be finished due to the spread of coronavirus and ongoing lockdown.

But Neville is looking for solutions, even if that hands Liverpool their first-ever Premier League title. His extensive plan read:

Despite speaking a lot of sense, the logistics of organising a season finale could prove too much.

And fans replied to Neville's tweet demanding the season be called off - with Morgan leading the charge.

In a series of tweets, Morgan ranted: "None of this will work in reality. Nobody wants to see endless 3-times-a-week games behind closed doors, at obvious risk of injury to players.

"Only solution is to void this season & start again when we can. A shame for Liverpool, Leeds etc, but that's irrelevant given the crisis.

"Huge respect for you Gary (especially with what you're doing for NHS staff at your hotels) but it won't [happen]...

"There's way too much energy being expended on trying to 'save the football season' when all efforts should be diverted to saving lives. Football's irrelevant."

And Morgan wasn't alone, with fans flocked to criticise Neville for his idea.

One wrote: "That’s a massive ask... they are too incompetent to put something like that together... just void it. For the sake of humanity."

Another said: "Cancel the season... why so much complications and trouble? Nothing is going to work perfectly. So, null and void!"


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A third tweeted: "Tell me why the season has to finish? All momentum has been lost by all clubs, why should the season after be affected?

"You can’t just force players to stay at a club if they run out by June 30. The only option since day one sadly has been to cancel and start again."

One simply joked: "Has Carragher hacked your account mate?"

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