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Piers Morgan thrilled as GMB gets highest ever ratings despite MPs boycotting show and Ofcom complaints

PIERS Morgan is thrilled as Good Morning Britain gets the highest ratings ever despite MPs boycotting the show and Ofcom complaints.

The presenter, 55, has caused controversy with his fiery interviewing style, which has managed to anger members of Parliament enough that they are now boycotting the ITV news show.

Not only are Piers and co-star Susanna Reid dealing with the boycott, they are also facing Ofcom complaints.

However, this has not deterred most viewers, as Piers has now bragged about the huge ratings Good Morning Britain received.

"The longer the Govt boycotts us, the more people are tuning in. We’ll keep challenging them in their cowardly absence. Thank you for watching!"

Most recently, Good Morning Britain sparked 125 complaints after a guest went on a sweary rant - and Piers refused to apologise.

Celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan appeared on GMB to discuss his fundraising for NHS nurses fighting coronavirus but exploded at the government, saying "they need to get their s**t in order".

Piers addressed his swearing but he refused to apologise and said he "understood" his guest's rage.

Just hours after Piers' fiery clash with MP Tobias Elwood over the government's newly-announced sex ban, Ofcom received 30 complaints.

The run-in came one day after the Government rolled out lockdown guidelines that include a clause that completely bans two people from separate households gathering in a private place.

Then after a week-long break, on Monday he was hit with 76 complaints on his return.

So far this year, Piers has racked up over 4,000 Ofcom complaints.

Despite some backlash, Piers confirmed that he will remain on GMB alongside co-host Susanna Reid for the foreseeable in an interview with The Sun's TV Mag.

The dad-of-foursaid: "I’ve just signed a new contract up for GMB until the end of next year. I love working with Susanna and the team – we’re a Ying Yang that works."

He also slammed those who complain about his combative presenting style on the show, with the divisive character hitting the headlines after a series of explosive interviews with government ministers.

Piers insisted that he "doesn't care" about any backlash, and remained jubilant that Ofcom cleared him of all complaints.

He explained: "If my style upsets people, don't watch! Watch something else. Nobody's forcing anyone to watch it.

"You've got a remote control in your hand, I really don't understand what the problem is."

Piers added: "I don't care. I only care about Ofcom complaints if I genuinely feel that I have been at fault, then you know you're a fool.

"Ofcom ruled very heavily in my favour, which confirmed my belief that I'm just doing my job. The job of broadcasters, particularly during a crisis like this, is to challenge and ask questions.

"My frustration and anger on air comes about when ministers are completely incapable of answering even basic questions."

Tobias Ellwood and Piers Morgan go head-to-head in fiery debate about government coronavirus sex ban

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