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Piers Morgan slammed for ‘speaking over’ Michael Gove as he makes first GMB appearance in eight months

GOOD Morning Britain viewers slammed Piers Morgan for "speaking over" Michael Gove as he made his first appearance on the show in eight months today.

The presenter tore into the MP over the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit, and even Boris Johnson - forcing Gove to commit live on air that he doesn't want to run for Prime Minister himself.

The interview got off to an awkward start as the 55-year-old star criticised Gove for boycotting the ITV breakfast show for the majority of the year.

The politician insisted that he was just "taking good advice", but refused to directly admit that Dominic Cummings had implemented the decision.

Gove went on to heap praise on Piers' tough interviews, with the presenter interrupting as he snapped "flattery won't get you anywhere".

He fiercely grilled the MP on a variety of issues, but fans at home were unimpressed that he then spoke over Gove each time that he tried to answer - making much of the conversation inaudible.

They were also irritated that a significant chunk of the brief interview revolved around whether or not a scotch egg counted as a "substantial meal" when pubs open again.

Taking to Twitter, one disappointed viewer wrote: "So we wait 8 months to get #piersmorgan to eviscerate Gove and he wastes the interview on Scotch eggs & substantial meals for 16 year olds (same as on Sky) and Gove’s ambition to be PM."

Another agreed: "F**k sake @piersmorgan @susannareid100 Just let him speak! You ask him a question and don't let him answer."

A third said: "Pretty awful interview with Piers Morgan and Michael Gove. We can't hear you if you continually talk over each other."

Piers also said that Boris Johnson is a "terrible" Prime Minister as Gove insisted that the British public disagreed - going on to jibe about Good Morning Britain's TV ratings.

But Piers and Susanna furiously hit back, insisting that their viewing figures have only increased in recent months.

Gove quipped: "If we were going to judge purely by opinion polls or, for that matter, television ratings, people would say Piers that you're not doing that great at all - but I think you're doing a fantastic job."

Piers hit back: "Actually our ratings have doubled in five years", with the rest of the discussion inaudible as the two men spoke over one another.

Last month, Health Secretary Matt Hancock became the first MP to appear on Good Morning Britain after the government's 201-day boycott.

The interview attracted Ofcom complaints from viewers after Hancock was left squirming in the chat when the host demanded that he resigned following the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Michael Gove appears to suggest two people could have a scotch egg, garlic bread and two bottles of wine as substantial meals

Hancock and Piers' exchange got off to a frosty start as the former denied that there was ever an official boycott, but Piers pointed the finger at ex-communications boss at Downing Street Lee Cain, who left dramatically last week with Dominic Cummings, as the mastermind of banning ministers from the show.

After more than 200 days of not having a minister to interrogate, Piers read out the full "charge sheet" of failures during the coronavirus crisis - including the inability to ensure there were enough tests available.

The last time Hancock was on the show was in March of this year, where Piers sparked thousands of complaints with his harsh interview.

Piers tore into the cabinet minister after a heated debate over the coronavirus outbreak and accused Hancock of not taking the issue seriously.

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