Twisted conspiracy theorists have threatened Piers Morgan 's life after he told them to unfollow him on social media.

The star was sent death threats after demanding a national lockdown.

The Good Morning Britain presenter slammed "Covidiots" who believe "insane conspiracy theories".

But the request for them to unfollow him didn't go down well.

One sick user crossed a line with threats - which Piers re-tweeted to demonstrate what he has to put up with.

"Can all Covidiots please just unfollow me and f**k off," he initially put.

Piers won't tolerate people denying the virus' severity

"This 2nd wave is extremely serious & I'm not interested in your insane conspiracy theories, your dumb fake charts, your 'proof' that covid's 'not as bad as the flu' - or any of your ignorant abusive garbage."

But one user replied: "Once we have come for the government we will come for you #TickTock" - followed by a sickening photo of a noose.

Piers was quick to share the threat
Piers and Spencer often clash over their Covid views

He then went on another blocking spree.

"UPDATE: Covidiots are still following me, & still spewing their conspiracy cr*p and abuse. So sadly, I now have to move to full (permanent) lockdown & block them all."

A further 280 people have died from Covid-19 in the UK, it was announced on Thursday.

He says some people have to wake up to a second wave

The death toll in the country since the pandemic began now stands at 45,955.

A further 280,995 tests were carried out and 23,065 more cases were confirmed, meaning have now tested positive for the disease.

Piers recently clashed with Denise Welch, calling her a "Covidiot" for suggesting the government is "fear mongering" over the virus.