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Piers Morgan calls on Queen to strip ‘paedo-buddy’ Prince Andrew of HRH title

PIERS Morgan has urged the Queen to strip "paedo buddy" Prince Andrew of His Royal Highness title.

The outspoken TV host called on the monarch to remove his HRH title after she sacked him amid the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

And he slammed the Queen's favourite son by claiming he should instead adopt the title "Prince Pinocchio".

Writing for the Daily Mail, Piers said: "Why should he continue to have the title His Royal Highness if he is no longer deemed fit for public duty?

"If his association with a convicted paedophile is considered so heinous that his own mother has had to fire him, then why the hell should anyone now be expected to bestow ANY regal civilities towards him?

"Andrew has brought disgrace to the royal family and plunged the Monarchy, and his poor mother, into a constitutional crisis that could yet be far more devastating and far-reaching than it already is.

"If he’s not fit for duty then he’s not fit for our respect either."


Piers argued Princess Diana lost her own HRH title when she divorced Prince Charles in a move that left her devastated.

As a result, she had to "curtsy to her husband" and William and Harry and lost the royal protection that "might have prevented her dying in a Paris car crash two years later".

The same treatment was also afforded to Andrew's ex-wife Sarah Ferguson when she split from the Duke.

Embattled Andrew was yesterday stripped of his royal duties and £249,000 sovereign grant in the wake of a car-crash Newsnight interview over his relationship with paedo Epstein.

Piers said it is "entirely wrong" for the prince to maintain his title and the "entitled sycophantic treatment that goes with it" in the wake of the scandal.


He said: "If he’s not fit for duty then he’s not fit for our respect either.

"Though it will hurt her even more to do this, the Queen should announce he is being stripped of the HRH title, or she will send a message to the world that getting divorced from her sons is a worse offence than cosying up to a man convicted of procuring a 14-year-old girl for prostitution."

The GMB host also pointed out the "jarring juxtaposition" of Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis ending the explosive interview by thanking "Your Royal Highness".

He said the use of the tag came after an "excruciating hour of Andrew lying through his smarmy pompous back teeth about his friendship with a vile paedophile".

Andrew released a statement yesterday confirming the Queen had "given her permission" for him to "step back from public duties for the foreseeable future".

The Queen, who yesterday celebrated her 72nd wedding anniversary, is understood to have come to the decision after consulting Prince Charles.

Andrew has been accused of sensational claims he bedded a 17-year-old and has faced mounting criticism for his friendship with the disgraced tycoon.

He will conduct no royal or public duties and will step back from all patronages.

The announcement followed days of media scrutiny after his attempts to defend himself in Saturday’s disastrous Newsnight interview were ridiculed.

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