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Peter Andre reveals ‘screaming and madness’ as son Junior, 15, battled coronavirus

PETER Andre has filmed the "screaming and madness" at home as his son Junior battled coronavirus and forced the family into isolation.

In a new YouTube video, the 48-year-old Flava singer could be seen having his patience tested as the household descended into chaos.

Junior, 15, tested positive for coronavirus, meaning the entire family, including sisters Princess, 13, and Amelia, seven, brother Theo, four, and step-mum Emily had to isolate.

It meant that home schooling had to resume and NHS doctor Emily, 31, was unable to go to work for 10 days as they stayed "inside their gates".

Pete revealed how the home had been taken over by "screaming and madness" as the children struggled to cope with being stuck inside.

"Junior had a PCR test and has tested positive for Covid," dad Pate began the video, detailing how his son had "headaches and body aches" and "wasn't feeling great".

"Now we've all got to self isolate for ten days," he added, looking exhausted as he went on to admit it was tough keeping boredom at bay.

"The kids are at home and it's back to homeschooling, Junior is up in his room and not feeling great and Emily has to do all her Zooms from home," Pete continued.

"She's in all day in one spot in the living room and all she can hear is the screaming and the madness going on in the house."

The video shows younger children Amelia and Theo causing chaos, jumping over the furniture and tearing about in the garden and loudly shouting.

Later, Pete tries to keep the family entertained by going on a scavenger hunt, while Emily bakes a cake to pass a couple of hours.

Daughter Princess is also filmed keeping her little brother and sister occupied with a loud microphone as they took turns shouting into it.

While at one point, patient dad Pete looked as if he would lose his cool as his children rolled around in a pile of washing, he threw the towel in and got involved, filming their "mad" moment.

Getting in a moments peace, Pete even fired up the BBQ in the pouring rain and freezing temperatures to cook a "Greek style" dinner.

Meanwhile, the Aussie star also filmed himself standing at the door of Junior's room to check in on him, as he was heard coughing and spluttering.

"Today is our last day of self isolation and we are like, oh my gosh we can't wait to get out and about," the Mysterious Girl hitmaker concluded.

He thanked fans for sending kind messages wishing his teenage son better via social media, after Junior opened up about his experience.

"The first few days, my head was the worst," Junior explained. "My head was banging so much, I don't know how I got symptoms because I'm a child.

"But my head was banging, my body was aching, my throat was fine - and then all of a sudden my body sort of stopped aching.

"It aches sometimes, my head still bangs but not as much but for some reason my throat is so sore. It's killing me.

"I don't know why. It's not part of the symptoms I don't think, but maybe I've got something else with Covid. It's not severe, it's just annoying."

Both Peter and step-mum Emily were struck with Covid-19 last year and were left with suffered lingering side effects.

The dad-of-four called his battle with the disease "very unpleasant" and was confined to his bed and sofa for days.

He added that his cousin was also badly affected and needed oxygen because his struggle was so serious.

Emily, an NHS doctor, got her first coronavirus jab back in January after seeing off the disease in 2020.

She has since received her second vaccine but still had to isolate after Junior's positive test, as there was a risk of her passing Covid on to patients and colleagues.

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