A pensioner was left with ghastly injuries after masked men pulled him from his bed and savagely beat him - for keys to a car he did not own.

Joseph Sharpe, 77, suffered a dozen injuries when he was punched and kicked during the terrifying ordeal in his home in Birmingham on Thursday.

The raiders were looking for the keys to an Audi S4 parked on the grandfather-of-four's driveway - the property of a friend who was away in London.

Shocking pictures show the extent of the violence meted out to Mr Sharpe - known as Joe - as his son tells BirminghamLive the attackers could have killed his father.

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Mr Sharpe was beaten black and blue (


West Midlands Police)

"The worrying part about this is that they've attacked someone that is vulnerable," his son Tony Sharpe, 56, said.

"To use that amount of force on someone of that age is just beyond belief."

"He's got 12 injuries. Two fractures of his spine, fracture of pelvis and both hips, four fractured ribs, a bleed on the brain, the damage of the kicking to his face and the arm injury.

"Dad has been in absolute agony. They need to be caught because they could have killed someone. They could have killed dad really. They were trying to steal a car which wasn't his.

"It's just a really unfortunate set of circumstances. It was a friend's car and he had gone to London and parked on his drive. Dad didn't have the keys. There's just no way you'd expect this to happen from just parking a car on a drive."

Mr Sharpe, who has lived at the home in Moseley for four decades, was asked by one masked man: "Where are the Audi keys, bro?" But he was left in "agony" by the beating to his body when the intruders did not believe his version of events.

The father-of-two suffered fractures of his spine, pelvis, both hips and ribs, as well as a bleed on the brain, the damage of the kicking to his face and a dislocated arm.

The victim, who had also been nursing his partner who had Alzheimer's until her death last year, is now in hospital for surgery to put his arm back in its socket.

The intruders left empty-handed, although "certain things" were discovered at the property belonging to the raiders that may push West Midlands Police's investigation further forward.

Devastated Tony, from Salford Priors, near Evesham, said it will take his father a long time to get over the physical and mental pain of the attack.

"They were looking for the keys. It was only at the point they couldn't find any keys they went upstairs and dragged him out of bed," he said.

"When they did that they must have dislocated his arm in dragging him out and then they demanded the keys. He remembers one of the guys saying to him - 'Where are the Audi keys, bro?'

Mr Sharpe was attacked at his home in Moor Green Lane, Moseley, Birmingham

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"He said it was wasn't his car and he hadn't got the keys, but they didn't believe him so they set about him. He doesn't know if they punched or kicked him. But it's logical if he was laying on the floor in the bedroom they would have kicked him.

"It will take a long time for dad to get over this. It's the physical pain and then it's how he feels about that house and how safe he feels. Without the car being on the drive this would never have happened.

"I don't think anyone, including the perpetrators, would have known it wasn't his car. Clearly they've focused on the car and did anything to get that car."

The raiders are believed to have been wearing gloves and possibly masks. Forensics have been at the scene and the police investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information can contact the force via Live Chat on the website or by calling 101. Alternatively quote crime reference number 20/1757136/21.

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