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Pelosi accuses Trump of ‘humiliating the US’ by bowing to Putin’s will ahead of Biden meeting

NANCY Pelosi has accused Donald Trump of "humiliating the US" by bowing to Vladimir Putin's will ahead of Joe Biden's meeting with the Russian president.

The House Speaker said on Sunday that the former president had "kowtowed, catered to Putin in a way that was humiliating to the United States."

Pelosi called the Russian leader a "thug" who Trump was at the "mercy" of and insisted he's "going to meet a very different president" in Biden.

The two world leaders are due to meet at Villa La Grange along Lake Geneva on June 16.

Pelosi added: "I think he's going to meet a very different president than one who was at the mercy of Putin."

She told CNN: "In terms of his meeting with Putin, I think that he should meet with him."

Pelosi added: "They should have a line of communication. And issues like cybersecurity and energy, of course, are not necessarily on the table in that meeting but are the reality that we have to deal with.

"And energy and cybersecurity are probably two items that may come up at that meeting, but that we have to be prepared for whether they do or not. Now, let’s just make a contrast.

"The former president of the United States, for whatever reason, whether the Russians had personal, political or financial leverage over him, kowtowed, catered to Putin in a way that was humiliating to the United States of America.

“And when Putin hears about some of the violations of the rights of his own people, he laughs. This is a thug. This is a thug.

"But he is head of an important state in terms of the issues you raise. President should meet with him, and I think he’s going to meet a very different president than one who was at the mercy of Putin.

"I'm very proud of the fact that the president [Biden] is in Europe saying we're back. We're back for climate. We're back for an open society."

Putin on Saturday laughed when asked if he is a "killer" during an interview in which he heaped praise on "extraordinary" Donald Trump and branded Joe Biden a career politician.

He bizarrely chortled when NBC's Keir Simmons asked if he had a hand in assassinating some of his political rivals and Kremlin critics. 

The Russian leader then appeared to praise Trump. 

“Well even now, I believe that former US President Mr. Trump is an extraordinary individual, talented individual, otherwise he would not have become US president. 

“He is a colorful individual. You may like him or not."

Pelosi said: "We did not rebuke her. We acknowledged that she made a clarification.

"Congresswoman Omar is a valued member of our caucus. She asked her questions of the Secretary of State. Nobody criticized those, about how people will be held accountable if we're not going to the International Court of Justice. That was a very legitimate question. That was not of concern."

Minnesota Congresswoman Omar had issued a statement explaining her original comments as "not a moral comparison between Hamas and the Taliban and the U.S. and Israel," but rather, on ongoing International Criminal Court investigations.

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