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Pelosi accused of ‘moving goalposts’ on stimulus deal as she clashes with White House over delay

WHITE House chief of staff Mark Meadow’s has accused Nancy Pelosi of continuing “to move the goalpost” - as an agreement over the next stimulus packages lingers just nine days before the election.

“We’ve continued to make offer after offer after offer and Nancy continues to move the goalposts,” Meadows told CNN on Sunday.

However, in a separate interview with the outlet on Sunday, the House Speaker pointed fingers at the White House and accused them over the delay, saying, “They keep moving the goalposts.”

“We want to do it as soon as possible. I thought the President did too and that was part of the leverage that each side had that we both wanted an agreement.

“Why would we even be talking to each other if we didn’t believe that we could reach an agreement?” Pelosi said.

As millions of jobless Americans wait for financial support from Congress – a stimulus deal being reached before the election appears to be slim.

Last week, the House Speaker indicated that both sides have not agreed on language on major issues such as coronavirus testing, jobless benefits, school aid and state and local funding.

Pelosi said she was waiting on the White House to agree to the language on testing – however, an approval is still pending.

“They said we’ll support language with a minor touch. That was 55 percent of the language. We’re still waiting for the final okay. And that is a central issue in all of this,” she said.

“We’re ready, we can change some words in the bill should they come back with some modifications.”

The House Speaker stated that she sent the White House a list of remaining concerns she had on Friday and hopes to receive an answer on Monday.

“So, again, it could happen this week in the House but that’s up to Mitch (McConnell) as to whether it would happen in the Senate and go to the President’s desk, which is our hope and prayer.

Meadows said that they have identified Senate Republicans who would most likely vote for a stimulus bill, but said, “We’re not Nancy Pelosi.”

“We’re not going to vote or opine on a bill and pass it before we’ve read it,” he said.

Last week, Mitch McConnell told Senate Republicans that he has warned President Donald Trump to not strike a deal with Pelosi before the election on a relief bill.

Despite McConnell’s warning the House Speaker said she’ll continue to work with the White House and McConnell, even if the Democrats win the election, because “people need help right away.”

Negotiating a deal now would help jobless Americans make rent, fall back on unemployment benefits momentarily and increase benefits from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP.

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