The devastated widow of PC Andrew Harper has launched a campaign for full life jail terms for the killers of emergency services workers.

Lissie Harper is calling for Andrew's Law, which would mean those convicted of causing the death of police, fire or emergency medical workers would spend the rest of their life in prison.

The couple were married for just four weeks before her husband was killed.

She said: "I pledge to my late husband to never stop until I have made the difference that this country clearly needs.

"I vow to stand strong and firm with so many other honourable people in our country to make the changes that we clearly know to be justified."

Lissie Harper is calling for Andrew's Law

The campaign is being backed by the Police Federation of England and Wales, which represents thousands of officers up to the rank of chief inspector.

PC Harper was killed as he tried to stop three thieves fleeing after they stole a quad bike from a remote house in Stanford Dingley, Berkshire, on August 15 last year.

Henry Long, 19, and 18-year-olds Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers were jailed for the 28-year-old newlywed's manslaughter after they were cleared of murder.

Long, who drove the car that dragged PC Harper to his death, was sentenced to 16 years, meaning he may be out in less than 11.

PC Harper had been married for just four weeks to wife Lissie when he was killed
Henry Long, 19, Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers, both 18, were all convicted of manslaughter

Cole and Bowers, the passengers at the time, were each jailed for 13 years, so they could be out in eight.

But the terms could be increased after they were referred to the Attorney General for review.

PC Harper was on duty when he was caught in a strap and dragged for a mile behind Long's car after trying to stop the gang.

Long swerved violently at speeds of up to 60mph.

PC Andrew Harper’s mother has welcomed the news that his killers could have their sentences increased after their cases were sent to the Attorney General for review.

The brave officer’s mother said the three thugs had “got away with it” after they were handed terms that mean they could be free in less than 11 years.