A Merseyside restaurant owner had a brilliant response to a "mean spirited" review on TripAdvisor.

In a post titled, "Had better frozen supermarket pizza", the anonymous reviewer slated the "insulting" ingredients served to them on a visit to Southport 's 4.5 star rated Pizzeria Mamma Mia this autumn.

But the owner was having none of it, telling the "elitist" guest: "I suggest if you ever plan on visiting our home country you reconsider your attitude towards others."

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The reviewer gave the reviewer a two star review on TripAdvisor, saying: "As the title suggests it wasn’t an enjoyable meal.

"Almost biscuit like, stale bread pizza base & pretty average quality toppings.

"Partner had tinned tuna on hers which was pretty insulting.

"The place seemed pretty busy & everybody looked content with their below average offerings at inflated prices.

"This doesn’t really surprise me given the current status quo."

The family-run Italian restaurant has been on Lord Street in their "beloved town" of Southport for forty years.

Owner Nina P took offence to the reviewer's comparison with frozen pizza, insisting the "authentic Italian" restaurant uses fresh dough and "quality, traditional ingredients".

Southport Hesketh Round Table members have been raising money for good causes in Southport for decades. Here, on June 23, 1989, they were fundraising with a charity beard shave at Pizzeria Mamma Mia on Lord Street in Southport. Photo by Cyril Loker Southport Visiter
Pizzeria Mamma Mia has been around for four decades. Here is a charity beard shave fundraiser from all the way back on June 23, 1989

"We make our pizza dough fresh every single day with no exception.

"As for our toppings, we import as much as we can from Italy and spare no expense when it comes to sourcing the quality, traditional ingredients we use.

"I'm assuming your partner ordered Pizza Al Tonno which is served in Italy with tuna in olive oil, as we serve in our authentic Italian owned restaurant.

"Additionally, we do all we can to keep our prices as low as possible, certainly not 'inflated'

"I can only take from your closing statement of 'given the current status quo', you wish to convey something mean spirited and elitist about your fellow diners.

"Fortunately, over the 40 years we’ve been a successful restaurant in our beloved town, we’ve had the pleasure of serving a loyal, wonderful and perhaps most importantly, humble customer base, much like the people of Italy.

"I suggest if you ever plan on visiting our home country you reconsider your attitude towards others.

"Best wishes for the future."