An East Yorkshire police officer broke down into tears on TV after discussing her heavy workload and plans to freeze police pay.

On Tuesday’s show the panel on Jeremy Vine were discussing the state of the UK’s police force.

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The debate arose after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced their would be a pay freeze for the nation’s officers as the UK amends the financial hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeremy, along with guests Dawn Neesom, Benjamin Butterworth and former Scotland Yard boss Peter Bleksley, debated whether the police deserved a pay rise or if they should “go slow” until their demands were met.

Hannah, a police officer from East Yorkshire, phoned in to join the discussion and left the panel stunned when she revealed her heavy workload on the job.

Hannah’s voice started to break when she spoke and admitted “it’s the first time I’ve wanted to do a different job”.

She told the panel that police officers deserved a pay rise saying, “I don’t think anybody would work to go slow. Certainly the people I work with.

Former Scotland Yard boss Peter Bleksley called Hannah and her colleagues heroes

“I can give you a rundown of the last shift I worked and how we deserve a pay rise.

Taking a deep breath, Hannah added: “Just on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they’ve been changed to 12-hour days after the nights they’re turning into 14 or 15-hour shifts without meal breaks.

“There just aren’t enough of us. Not enough of us and the workload is massive."

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Jeremy said: “So you’re just haring around really, not having a chance to stop?”

“Yeah, like you go to a burglary but you don’t have time for an enquiry because your late for a diary appointment which is a two-week-old appointment.” Hannah replied.

Jeremy said he could feel Hannah’s pain and that she sounded exhausted.

“It’s the first time I’ve wanted to do a different job,” she said. “I’m not enjoying the one I’m doing.”

Hannah began to cry when she admitted that her shift on Saturday was the “first time I’d cried between jobs” due to the overbearing workload.

Continuing through the tears, Hannah said: “You don’t know what’s coming in. I do work at home because it’s the only time you get to finish off paperwork and send calls saying I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you.”

Jeremy turned to Peter to step in and the former Scotland Yard boss described Hannah and her colleagues as “heroes”.

“I know exactly what to say to Hannah,” he said. “Hannah, you and your colleagues are public service heroes.

“On behalf of the vast majority, I send you our heartfelt thanks. You’re heroes, please find the strength to keep serving us, the public, and bless you.”

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