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‘Overwhelmed’ China is deliberately faking coronavirus death toll as government ‘crumbles’ under killer bug outbreak

THE Chinese authorities are deliberately falsifying the coronavirus numbers, a leading expert has said.

Gordon Chang says there has been a "breakdown in government" which means it has "just lost the ability to pick up corpses".

Multiple witnesses and leaked video's show heavily "overwhelmed" authorities making threats against people 'spreading rumours' or showing the chaotic handling of the situation at ground zero.

Expert in Chinese affairs and censorship, Chang says that the official 427 death count is "far too low".

He told Fox: "I think that the government in Wuhan and some other cities have just lost the ability to pick up corpses.

"What we are witnessing is essentially a breakdown in government and keeping accurate statistics is a very minor part of their priorities right now."

Chang believes that the quarantine of millions of people in the Wuhan area is making the situation worse as infected people are forced to stay at home with their families.


He said: "The quarantine has aggravated a problem and that is [that] people can't get to hospitals, so they are at home...they are dying.

"It's also created panic. That panic has had consequences on, for instance, social cohesion which is absolutely necessary if you want to beat an epidemic."

The coronavirus situation is being described as China's Chernobyl after it was initially covered up for months.

The latest official numbers breaching the 20,600 mark, with 2,790 cases believed to be critical. Case numbers are growing exponentially in China on a daily basis.

Current measures, such as proper screening of those escaping Wuhan, are not being carried out as efficiently as Beijing claims.

There has been a clampdown on already heavily censored and controlled social media usage to suppress "bad news" coverage coming from infected areas.

Authorities have arrested people for secretly filming and distributing the desperate situation in Wuhan Hospital and have even threatened doctors, who are forced to work for days straight with inadequate support.

Beijing blasted the US yesterday for "spreading panic" as international bodies scramble to get an accurate picture of what is actually going on in China.

Predicting that the virus will not be contained until May, Chang said: "This is only going to get worse."