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Over 2,300 people pledge to take part in egg-throwing contest at Margaret Thatcher statue unveiling

Over 2,300 people have pledged to show up to an “egg-throwing contest” on the same day as the unveiling of a statue of Margaret Thatcher in her hometown of Grantham.

The £300,000 bronze statue of the controversial former prime minister will be placed on a 10ft-high plinth due to fears about vandalism, making the entire sculpture over 20ft tall.

Members of Kesteven District Council will hold a vote on Tuesday on whether to approve £100,000 for an event to unveil the statue of the Iron Lady, who was born and raised in the town.

Although the council hopes to raise much of the money through donations from the public and local businesses, the move has sparked outrage in the local community and on social media.

“Wasting £100k on a future rubble pile in the middle of a pandemic which is being used as a justification to completely wipe out public spending,” twitter user Sammy said. "If you have to put the statue on a 10 foot plinth because literally everyone hates it maybe consider not buying the statue."

However, others were more in favour of the statue, with Andrew Rudd writing: “Not my choice of a suitable way to spend public funds, and I detested her in all ways due to the way she ran the country.

"However as the first female PM and of Grantham I can see that a statue can be justified.”

More than 12,800 people have registered their interest in an “egg-throwing contest” due to be held when the statue is unveiled, with over 2,300 people saying they will attend.

The organiser of the event, Kass Arif, wrote: "Bois and girls and me non binarys, we out here holding contest for egg throwing, lassos throwing, and potentially graffiti art.

"Where are we doing this you might ask, well the in the wonderful city of Grantham, and we have a special target being made currently, a beautiful statue of the Iron Lady, now it’s a family friendly event so please be respectful and pick up ya litter.

“Not sure on the unvaling [sic] of the statue but will change the date accordingly.”

The Independent has contacted Kesteven District Council for comment.

The statue of Margaret Thatcher, created by sculptor Douglas Jennings, was initially rejected by London over fears of vandalism and disorder.

It will be placed on St Peter’s Hill in Grantham town centre, between statues of Sir Isaac Newton and Frederick Tollemache.

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