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Outrage as judge locks child in JAIL CELL to teach her a lesson for misbehaving

JUDGE Jackie Portman-Brown was caught on CCTV marching a young girl into a Chicago jail cell after sheriff deputies refused her order to lock the child up.

The child, who is believed to be related to the Cook County Court judge, was "emotional" after Portman-Brown scolded her for bad behaviour, then caged the terrified little girl in the holding cell for around ten minutes.

The girl, who appears to be around age seven, was first brought into the adult courtroom by an unidentified woman known to the justice.

There, the judge scolded the child and allegedly told her "she should understand what happens to people who misbehave later in life", and ordered her courtroom deputies to "lock her up" but they refused.

The pair of women then drag the humiliated tot out of court, past the sheriff's work station and into the holding cells.

Deputies are filmed looking on dumbfounded as the child is frogmarched past them by the fully robed judge and into cells usually reserved for dangerous criminals.

A deputy then slides the gate as a grumpy looking Portman-Brown walks out of the cage, and locks the crying girl in on her own.

Portman-Brown is later seen leaving for the day with the child and the woman out of a back door reserved for court staff.

The chief judge learned of the incident a week later and took action according to WGN.

Court spokesman Pat Milhizer said: "Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans [reassigned] judge Jackie Marie Portman-Brown to administrative duty, pending a meeting of the executive committee of the Circuit Court of Cook County on March 4."

The deputies involved are also subject to internal investigation following the incident and have been de-deputised and placed on administrative duty.

Judge Portman-Brown has not responded to approaches by local media.

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