One in seven Brits has admitted to flouting lockdown rules - with some heading out for poker games, sex and sneaky haircuts.

For just over two months, the country has been in lockdown, with social distancing measures preventing people seeing loved ones.

But while many have seen their lives drastically changed by the government measures to help stop the spread of coronavirus - some have taken advantage of the chance of returning to normality.

In a survey from the Sun, 26% of people said they felt they had "followed advice well but with a couple of lapses".

And just under 5% of people said they had "loosely' followed the rules, or remarkably, not at all.

It comes after top government aide Dominic Cummings was embroiled in scandal after driving 260 miles from his London home to his parents' estate in County Durham.

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Boris Johnson during a media briefing in Downing Street

He then made another 26 mile trip to Bernard Castle, with his wife and child in the car.

Cummings says the latter trip was to test his eyesight was well enough to return to London after falling unwell.

The survey shows 81% of people think he did break lockdown rules -although police yesterday said they would be taking no further action.

Durham Police did however say there "might have been a minor breach" of lockdown.

Dominic Cummings is embroiled in scandal after driving 260 miles from his London home to his parents' estate in County Durham
Southend Seafront was considerably busier earlier this week

The survey also found that people largely struggled to stick to the rule meaning we could only leave our house once a day - with 51% saying they left home more than once a day.

A further 2% of people said they had left home to see their lover - with the survey finding some listed poker games and having sneaky haircuts as other reasons to flout the rules.

Another 11% of people said they had attended a party and, alarmingly, 10% of people said they had left home despite showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Social distancing can be difficult when there are crowds

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Coronavirus outbreak

And 9% of people said they had left home despite a member of their household showing signs of coronavirus.

Government rules dictated anyone showing signs of coronavirus should self-isolate at home for seven days, with the rest of their household self-isolating for 14 days.

Other statistics showed 41% of people had met friends or family in a public place, and 33% of people had invited someone into their home.

When it comes to those people who have stringently followed the rules, 7% of people said they had called police on others who had flouted them.