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Nish Kumar says that he’s ‘widely disliked’ and ‘not allowed to talk about politics’ on Saturday Kitchen

Nish Kumar appeared on Saturday Kitchen where he joked that he was “widely disliked” and suggested he’d been restricted from “talking about politics”.

The comedian returned to the BBC, following the cancellation of The Mash Report in March, to be a guest on the morning cookery show’s latest episode (8 May).

Near the start of the show, Kumar, 35, discussed his favourite foods and least favourite cooking habits with chef and presenter Matt Tebbutt.

“Probably the most consistent food in my entire life is okra and I didn’t realise how widely disliked okra is,” he said, adding: “It’s like the me of vegetables!”

As Tebbutt laughed, Kumar quipped: “It can be quite divisive, even though I think it’s absolutely fantastic.”

When Kumar was asked about his “food hell”, he began explaining that he “cannot abide putting vegetables in cakes”.

Kumar, in mock anger, stated: “It’s unacceptable, it’s an absolute disgrace,” with Tebbutt adding: “You’re getting finger pointy and angry already as though we’re having some hot debate.”

Through laughter, Kumar responded: “You’ve told me i’m not allowed to talk about politics and i’ve had to transfer my intense emotions.”

Nish Kumar joked that he wasn’t ‘allowed to talk about politics’ on ‘Saturday Kitchen'

In March, the BBC announced thatThe Mash Report would not return for a fifth series, with a spokesperson for the BBC stating that the “difficult” decision was made in order to “make room for new comedy shows”.

The series, in which Rachel Parris also heavily featured, has became the subject of controversy concerning criticism that BBC’s comedy output is perceived as having a left-wing bias.

Responding to the news on Twitter, Kumar wrote: “A lot of people are asking me for a comment and here it is” – accompanied with an image of himself on the show pointing to a screen that read: “Boris Johnson is a liar and a racist.”

In December 2019, Kumar made headlines after he was jeered at and hit by a flying piece of bread after making a Brexit joke at a charity gig in London.

The comedian was performing at the Lord’s Taverners annual cricket lunch in December where he was escorted off stage amid boos.

At the time, Kumar joked on Twitter: “In my defence, it was only one bread roll and it missed me.”

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