A local news station is trying to help their viewers maintain their sanity amid the weeks-long coronavirus lockdown by reminding them what day of the week it is.

Fox 8 Cleveland anchor Toddy Meany began the ‘What Day Is It?’ segment last week to help Americans who have lost track of time as they isolate themselves in their homes – many who have nothing to do while the unemployment rate skyrockets past ten percent.

Meany’s brief addition features its very own theme-music and graphics package while the anchor delivers a deadpan answer to the segment’s title.

Clips of the segment has earned widespread popularity online after one Twitter user shared the video and wrote ‘Cleveland news has officially lost their minds,’ which was viewed by more than 2.4 million people.

The segment began on April 1 after Ohio’s lockdown was ordered on March 23. Since then, it has been featured on the local news station every day, much to the enjoyment of viewers across the country struggling with the tedium of living in isolation.