A newborn baby died of birth defects after being fathered by an incestuous rapist, police say. The unidentified infant died at a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, in July. Pedro Castro Castro, who is accused of fathering the child with a close relative, was charged with rape and incest last week.

A press released issued by the West Alabama Human Trafficking Force said: ‘The teen victim’s daughter was born with severe birth defects in July and died at a Birmingham hospital two weeks later. The subsequent investigation revealed that the deceased newborn’s mother and father were blood relatives.’

Investigators were first contacted by social workers in February, after they discovered the baby’s mother was pregnant, and feared she may have been sexually abused. The mother’s age and relationship to Castro Castro has not been disclosed by police.



Further details on the baby’s death have not been released, but children born to close blood relatives are known to be at a higher risk of potentially lethal birth defects.

DNA tests were performed, with Castro Castro subsequently identified as the child’s father, Tuscaloosa News reported. He has been charged with second-degree rape and incest, with bond set at $45,000.

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