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New super long-range gun that can fire 1,000 MILES seen in incredible leaked pics

NEW leaked images show the US Army's latest supergun artillery piece that can hit targets sat a thousand miles away.

The Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC) is designed to be transported by truck, handled by a crew of eight, and rain shells down on enemy positions across continents and oceans.

The weapon's mindblowing range means that if it was fired from New Orleans it could easily hit El Paso, TX; or hit New York from Orlando, FL.

The most similar artillery used by the US, the 280-millimeter M65 “Atomic Annie” gun was designed to fling nuclear warheads but only has a range of 20 miles.

The biggest gun ever used in combat, the German Schwerer Gustav (WW2), had a range of 23 miles.

The leaked images of the estimated 70-foot SLRC cannon resembling the US Army Model 1888 12-inch railway gun and were apparently taken from an Army Futures Command booth at an unknown event.

Little is known about the new artillery, however, one image shows the very large gun being hauled by one of the Army’s M1070 Heavy Equipment Transporter Trucks that is currently used to haul M1A2 Abrams tanks, and is lifted in the rear by a 6x6 trailer mount.

Two other grainier photos show a lattice-like support system supporting what is probably the real gun from the base on four sides.

Long-range artillery has been falling out of vogue since the 1960s and the development of missile technology and the use of smaller, lighter-caliber guns that were more maneuverable and rapid firing than the larger pieces.

However, if the Army's claims are true, the SLRC can hold a huge number of targets at risk without putting a single fighter or bomber pilot into the air, flying under missile defenses to strike targets across oceans on the first salvo.

Experts at Popular Mechanics believe that the shells from the SLRC will have GPS guidance, making them accurate to less than 10 metres like the shell currently used in the 155-millimeter Excalibur howitzer shell, which can hit moving targets with pinpoint accuracy.

The insane range is believed to be from newly developed ramjet technology that uses the air around the missile as an engine, quadrupling the range.

They have pointed out that projectiles could hit the outskirts of Moscow from southern Germany, or pound China’s artificial islands from the Philippines, or hit Beijing from Japan.

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