Stressed-out Liverpudlians can smash up computers and phones as part of a new Demolition Therapy.

Electrical Direct is opening a new ‘Demolition Therapy’ in Liverpool and is allowing visitors to take a hammer to old, useless technology.

Described as the “ultimate chance to take out all of your emotions”, an Electrical Direct statement reads: "Technology, eh? Designed to make our lives easier, but does it actually help, or does it just make us want to throw it out the window and watch it explode on the floor?

“Well, this is your chance to find out. For every time Netflix froze during another night in, for every second you spent buffering on a Friday night Zoom quiz, for every lockdown walk your FitBit failed to track, we’re giving you the chance for justice."

Will you be taking advantage of the new 'therapy'?
Will you be taking advantage of the new 'therapy'?

Staff at the pop-up venue will line up useless tech – such as iPhones, MacBooks, PlayStations, and a selection of hard-hitting tools, including axes and golf clubs, before sending you off into the ‘rage room’ and ‘leaving you to it’.

All the tech inside the rage room has already been broken to minimise unnecessary wastage. The company also recycle and repurpose anything in working condition, meaning you only destroy stuff that with no further purpose.

A 30 minute session of Demolition Therapy will cost £50 for you and a friend. Sign up to the mailing list here for first access on booking dates when locations are confirmed.

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