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Nelly and Shantel Jackson split after six years together as she admits they’re ‘just friends’



Model Shantel Jackson revealed she and rapper, Nelly, have split.

The couple was together for more than six years but now are "just friends."

An Instagram follower asked Shantel: "R u [and] Nelly still together? I love seeing u guys together."

She answered: “No we’re not ….. Just friends.”

She has not revealed the cause of the breakup, and Nelly has not yet commented.

In October, Nelly told Entertainment Tonight of their relationship: “She’s great. She’s really dope. We have a great time, and we understand each other.

“I would not want my life to not have Shantel in it. We’ve been seeing each other for five or six years. Any time you can connect with somebody like that, it works out for the long run.

"She’s sweet, beautiful, and the more we got to know each other, she’s just as beautiful inside.”

He said of potentially marry Shental" “We’re working towards it. When we know, I’ll tell you: “We’re working towards it. When we know, I’ll tell you.”

The former couple reportedly got together in 2014 after being introduced through a mutual friend.

In 2017 he credited their initial friendship as the foundation of their relationship, sharing: “Being friends first, I think, is something important.

“Then, I feel like you come into a situation that’s genuine. I think some of my past relationships, I don’t think everybody came into them genuinely.

"And when you don’t come into them genuinely, sometimes it festers and sometimes you end relationships for the wrong reasons.

"But when you come in it genuinely, and you enjoy just being around that person, that’s important.”

He also said then of the early days of their relationship: “It’s dope, you know? To have anybody, in whatever it is that you’re doing.

To have the person that you love, the person that you f— with, come out and support you, that’s all you want. That’s all that anybody’s looking for.”

Official music video for Nelly's 2010 song 'Just A Dream'

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