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Neil Oliver sparks outrage after claiming he would ‘cheerfully risk catching Covid’ on GB News

NEIL Oliver has sparked outrage after claiming he would ‘cheerfully risk catching Covid’.

The Scots telly historian, 54, said he would risk having the deadly disease for the sake of personal freedom on GB News.

He then went on to compare those who refuse to comply with current guidelines to those who fought in the Battle of Britain.

He said "it was a minority of people, outgunned and shouted down by fellow citizens who felt deals might be struck with tyrants" who stood up against fascism during the Second World War and compared them to the minority of people who refuse to take the jab or comply with Covid rules.

The ex-Coast presenter, who has a weekly show on the controversial channel, added: “For me, without freedom there is no point in anything.

"So, take away all the numbers, all the statistic, all the models and predictions.

“For me it all boils down to something simple.

"I declare that I am a free man. I was born into a part of the world where I was taught that my freedom was won for me by men and women who died to make it so.

“In the beginning of that fight to prevent the victory of that tyranny, it was a minority outgunned and shouted down by fellow citizens that stood up and said no.

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“Merely to live is not enough, not nearly. What matters is to live in freedom.

“If your freedom means I might catch Covid, then so be it. If my freedom means you might catch Covid, then so be it.

"For the sake of freedom, yours and mine together, I will cheerfully risk catching Covid.”

The statement sparked outrage on Twitter.

One person said: “So would you cheerfully risk passing it onto me? I’m immune suppresses so you might as well be giving me a death sentence.”

Another wrote: “I’ve got stage four cancer, you wouldn’t know meeting me. Please consider wearing a mask in enclosed spaces to protect medically vulnerable people.”

Someone else added: “My mates wife dies of Covid in her fifties.

"Yes, it’s more likely you’ll feel a bit ill and be fine but that seems a heck of a risk.

"Wearing a mask for a few minutes in a shop or busy public transport isn’t exactly a loss of freedom if you keep your life.”

Oliver, from Renfrew, has long been a critic of Covid restrictions.

He previously branded lockdown “the biggest mistake in world history”.

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