A woman has shared her bemusement after a neighbour, who is going through a divorce, said that she should think herself lucky her husband died because it meant he wasn't out there dating other women.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that her husband died some years back leaving her a widowed mother, looking after her child alone.

She eventually ended up moving away to be nearer her family and when she settled in a new town she made friends with another mother who lived next door - who was sadly going through a divorce.

Then one day the neighbour said that the woman would never understand how alone she was and that she should consider herself lucky that her husband had died because he isn't out dating other women.

An angry scene
The two women, who were friends, haven't spoken properly since (stock photo)

Posting on Reddit, the woman said: "I am a widowed mum. Little one and I recently moved to another state for a multitude of reasons. Mostly to stay close to my in-laws, who moved to warmer temps for health reasons.

"I have a 'mum friend'. She's a neighbour, we have been doing play dates as our daughters are around the same age.

"We get along great for the most part. She's going thru a divorce. She's the one who initiated it. All she does is complain about her husband. And how she hates being alone, etc. I listen. I'm supportive as I can be.

"She said to me the other night that I had no idea how hard she has it. She's alone. It's better for me because my husband flat out died. He's not out there dating other women. I'll never understand how alone she feels."

She continued: "I just laughed - I couldn't help it, and I couldn't stop. I managed to mention that she initiated the divorce. She wanted to be single. But I couldn't stop laughing.

"So now she's mad at me. She still let's her daughter come over and play but she doesn't stay. And I'm OK with that. Because it was funny."

After the story was shared online, other Reddit users flocked to the post to condemn the neighbour and praise the woman for seeing the funny side.

One wrote: "It's a bit rich when the person who initiates the divorce complains about being alone or the other party moving on. It's delusional."

And another added: "My husband was deployed and my 'best' friend told me I had it much easier than she did - her husband hadn't been deployed, but war was causing him to have to work much longer hours and his stress was increasing her stress.

"I couldn't believe her - I chose to never speak to her again."

While a third wrote: "My boyfriend died several years ago and I was devastated. Some girl said to me:, 'well, a break up is worse, I went through one recently and now I have to see him date other girls, you don't have to... So you don't have it so bad'.

"I didn't laugh, but I just looked at her incredulously, like - I've never heard anything so self-centred in my life, until I read this post.

"That's not your friend. Let her stay mad."

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