Good Morning Britain viewers were reduced to tears as a mum described how she still sets the table for two people, despite her son's death.

Edna Farley from Liverpool was on the show to speak about the impact GMB's 1 Million Minutes campaign had on her.

Now in its sixth consecutive year, 2021’s 1 Million Minutes initiative has been rolled out across the UK and is backed by a host of celebrity stunts and endorsements, plus the entire Good Morning Britain team.

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The project, which asks viewers to pledge time rather than money, has so far seen over a quarter of a billion minutes since it began, donated to charities looking for volunteers to connect with those who feel alone.

Edna's son died during the pandemic, and she had a stroke but had her life transformed by a volunteer called Alice who called her weekly.

Speaking about her son's death, Edna said: "It knocked me back a bit.

"I did have my son and daughter to help me along at the time but my daughter lives in Spain and my son works somewhere else so I was more or less on my own.

"But they absolutely backed me every way and without them, I wouldn't have known what to do.

"But I still didn't feel right when I was on my own without my son.

"It's one of those things, you go to set out the table and you put two plates out and then you realise there's only one, now that...just the light goes out."

Edna reached out to the Royal Voluntary Service through the NHS and was put in touch with companion caller Alice.

She explained how Alice has changed her life and how great it has been to have someone to speak to.

Viewers were left in tears by Edna's words, whilst others tweeted to praise the volunteer service.

Tasha tweeted: "Literally crying with Edna speaking about her feeling lonely and then a teenager coming in and helping and speaking to her I would love to do something like this for someone but have no idea how to!"

Mick said: "I can relate Edna, there are still some days I get up in the morning and take two cups out of the cupboard."

Jessy said: "Watching anything to do with loneliness is me gone, I'm done, I'm in tears within seconds, it kills me to know there are people out there that have absolutely no one."

Lois tweeted: "Bless this lady."

And Madi said: "Oh gosh this ladies description of setting two places at the table and then realising you only need one has really got to me, what a strong lady."

There is a virtual pledge button where users can donate their time at

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