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Mum warns about plug in air-fresheners after her baby was hospitalised & faces chronic issues after drinking the liquid

A MUM has issued a stark warning over plug-in air fresheners after her baby was rushed to hospital after drinking the liquid. 

The mum-of-three turned her back for ‘less than a minute’, but during those few seconds her daughter managed to drink the liquid inside the air freshener. 

She said 11-month-old managed to pour the entire capsule down her throat, and was rushed to hospital. 

The mum, from Scotland, initially thought the incident might mean ‘bad nappies’, but she was shocked to find her daughter was rushed to the high dependency unit in hospital. 

After undergoing rounds of tests, she says doctors warned her her daughter could face long-term health issues. 

She’s now warned parents to either put the air fresheners higher up out of children’s reach, or ditch them entirely. 

Sharing her story on Facebook, she said: “To anyone who has plug ins in their house with wee kids please bin !!! 

“My 11 month old baby yesterday got one out the plastic thing that goes in the wall and put it her mouth and the whole lot of the liquid went down her throat.

“Called a doctor [she] was then soon in an ambulance heading to sick kids I genuinely thought it was going to be a doctor telling me she will be very sick or have bad nappies. 

Never did I think something at a child’s height would be so dangerous


“She was then put on a ward to which then later lead to a transfer to high dependency having to get some big medicine that had to be delivered she is now on 24/7 watch bye her own doctor in a room. 

“This medicine will have wore off at two this afternoon where she will be tested again. [sic]

“Obv they have to give you the worst outcome but if this doesn’t work been told we are in trouble she could have now long term problems and damage in the body and things could be going on now so we are hoping this works.”

She added that she was sharing her story as a warning to other parents, urging them to check their houses.

She added: “Please remove them from your house or you baby could be in the same danger and state as my baby. 

“So please all mums get rid of all plugs in or put up in high plugs in the kitchen. Please share or spread the word. 

“Never did I think something at a child’s height would be so dangerous.”

Despite sharing her harrowing story with fellow parents, some criticised her for taking her eyes off her youngest.

But the mum snapped back that she doesn’t have “eyes in the back” of her head, explaining it happened so quickly.

She added: “She was at my back when I was doing something it was out the plug and over her throat in not even a minute as it all must have just poured out.”

The mum confirmed that they were still waiting for the outcome of tests, but her daughter was allowed home for her birthday a few days ago.

Her post has racked up more than a thousand shares, as parents thanked her for warning them. 

One mum commented: “I have been telling people in my work about it. 

“Never entered my mind that this could happen. Hope the wee one makes a speedy recovery.”

Another wrote: “As many have said, thank you for putting this out there. As a mum to two teenagers and now a toddler it would never have crossed my mind. 

“Thanks again and I hope your daughter is well.”

A third said: “Thank you for sharing. Really hope your baby girl is okay.” 

While this mum added: “Hope she makes a full recovery and thank you for the sound advice i would never have thought of this happening.”

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