A homeowner who completely transformed her garden for just £100 has shared her top tips on how you can do the same regardless of budget.

Becky Lane recently relocated to the countryside in Surrey, having previously lived in London where she had given the garden a makeover through DIY and second-hand buys.

The work gained recognition and won a Ronseal Lockdown Garden award, and Becky says renovations inside the property increased its value by £225,000.

Using her experience from previous projects, the 34-year-old mum set about turning her dull, concrete courtyard area into the perfect relaxation spot with two seating areas in time for summer.

The original garden
Becky wanted to give the garden a makeover
Becky Lane
The new seating and decking area at the back of the garden

The empty space has been replaced by white flooring, decking, outdoor furniture, plants and lighting to leave it unrecognisable.

Sharing photos of the project to the @21oakham Instagram account, Becky explained the home is the third renovation project they have taken on.

"With summer fast approaching, we wanted to create a space to relax and chill in but on a budget," she told MyToolShed.

The new courtyard area
They painted the courtyard floor with white masonry paint

"We struggled to see online any good crazy paving transformations which are in so many gardens in the UK."

She continued: "We started by jet washing the whole courtyard. I then removed all the dead shrubs and weeds.

"Once the paving was washed we painted it using white masonry paint. This acted as a primer but also allowed us to see all the cracks a lot easier in the paving.

The 'adults drinking chair'
They found a "rusty old swing frame" and turned it into a modern swing chair

"My husband watched some YouTube videos on how to use ready-mixed mortar to fill in all the cracks.

"We upcycled the pots we found in the garden left by the previous owner again with white masonry paint to give them a new lease of life.

"Ikea is our all time favourite, we are also loving Facebook market place for upcycles - we got an old rusty swing frame from Facebook Marketplace that we have spray painted black for our courtyard and added a rope swingchair to it which we have now nicknamed the 'adults drinking chair'.

"Also, I find if you make a moodboard looking at your favourite Instagram or Pinterest accounts it really helps. Start with a vision and shop with that as a guide. Don’t shop without a clear end goal because you may end up with loads of random pieces."

Becky says they try to be "environmentally responsible" by using second hand items and upcycling.

They also saved money by doing a lot of the work themselves, except for the decking and electrics where they hired in professionals, saying it's always good to "know your limits" and bring in contractors for safety.