A mum who bought a puppy from a stranger was left stunned when the seller demanded the pet back after just two days.

The mum bought the nine-month-old pup for £300 from a woman who was finding it hard to manage.

The new owner's kids instantly "fell in love" with the new pooch but she was shocked just two days later when she received a text message from the seller's daughter demanding the dog back because her mother was missing him.

The mum said she had bought the nine-month-old dog for £300 from a woman who was finding it hard to manage.

Now the mother says she is in a quandary over what to do about the dog, who she says, despite being with his previous owner for months, was not toilet trained until it came to live with her last week.

Asking for advice on Mumsnet, she said: "I bought a dog 2 days ago from a lovely lady who was finding it hard to manage him due to working full time etc.

"Agreed sale on Tuesday, collected him Thursday evening. All well. She has been in touch since by text to see how he is.

"Yesterday got a text saying she's missing the dog and would have him back in a heartbeat.

"Today I've had a text message from her daughter asking for the dog back. Plus subsequent phone call that I didn't answer.

The mum said she had bought the nine-month-old dog for £300 from a woman who was finding it hard to manage.

"Aibu (am I being unreasonable) to keep the dog? He's so happy and isn't pining for previous home etc. He will be with someone all the time rather than alone all day and has a companion dog here.

"Who would give the dog back?"

One said: "The one deserving of sympathy here is the poor dog!

"9 mths and they haven’t even toilet trained him and sold him on, keep him, you sound a far better home for him, he’ll go back there and be miserable and probably get sold again.

"Block her number and harden your heart."

Another added: "Nope. You can't just impulsively sell your dog and then expect to have it returned. Keep hold of him and don't give them any details about address or anything."

"No I wouldn't give him back . You bought him fair and square and you're under no legal obligation to give him back," added a third.

A fourth said: "They hadn't housetrained the puppy after 9 months?! They weren't good dog owners; keep the dog."

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In a follow-up post the woman said she had paid £300 for the dog after knocking the original price down from £500, leading some to think the original owner had maybe been offered more money for the dog.

One said: "She's probably been offered the full price ignore and block if you need to, get the details changed asap."

Another chimed in: "Now you have said how much less you paid for him l am wondering if she had a better offer for him OP . Keep him and block her."

A third agreed: "I'm with the others who think she has had a better offer. Just tell her that sorry, he is part of your family now and already much loved by your children. He will have a home for life with you."

However other people felt sympathy for the original seller.

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One said: "My cousin sold her dog then realised she and her son missed him massively. She genuinely loves him but was finding him such had work.

"He was returned and is very much loved and cared for. I'm not sure what I'd do in your situation? Perhaps have a chat with them."

"I would go talk to the family. Maybe they thought it was best but now miss the dog and realise it was a mistake. In two days it’s ok as yo7 haven’t bonded much," said another.