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Mum stunned after realising the reason why her breastmilk totally changes colour… going from yellow to brilliant white

A MUM has revealed how her breast milk drastically changes in colour depending on how her baby is feeling.

Jessica Gancedo shared a video on TikTok where she showcased the four different shades of milk that she had expressed.

Speaking in the clip she says: “I rarely pump so I don't get to see this often but this is normally what breastmilk looks like.”

The first sachet is a standard white colour that is “nothing out of the ordinary”.

She then moves onto a second sachet that has a creamier shade.

Jessica says: “This is what it looks like when my daughter begins to get sick so it’s a little bit yellow but not anything crazy.”

Moving on to a third, Jess says: “This is when she is sick, it’s very yellow, see all that goodness.”

It is believed that yellow colouring means that Jessica is producing extra fat and antibodies to help her tot to get better faster.

But it is the final sachet of milk that really surprised Jessica, with the mum filming the almost transparent milk that she had produced that day.

“This is what really threw me today,” she says.

“Me and my fiance went on a date and I was gone from her for four hours .

“My body made milk with a bunch of water because it assumed that my daughter was dehydrated from not eating for four hours.

“Look how weird that is - how much our bodies acclimate to what our babies need.”

I make butter out of my own breastmilk, people think it's weird but I don’t see the problem, my husband likes it