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Mum shows off HUGE ironing pile so massive people are wondering if her family have any clothes left

IRONING is one of those household tasks everybody loves to hate, so much so that we'll often do everything we can to put it off.

Posting in Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, mum Tara shared a photo of their huge ironing pile and it was so massive, people were questioning if her family had any clothes left to wear.

The pile took over one corner of the bedroom and started with two full baskets, with the creased clothes - everything from jeans to babygrows and underwear - growing in height to reach halfway up the wardrobe.

Tackling that is no doubt bound to leave you with blisters, and captioning her photo, Tara, who is understood to be a mum-of-three, wrote: "Can anyone beat this ironing pile????!!!!"

One shocked person questioned: "How have you let it get to this state??!!"

Another claimed: "I'd say about 95 per cent of everything in that pile doesn't need ironing..."

A third wrote: "Wow, how do you have any clothes left to wear?!? I very rarely iron anything, and if I do, I iron just before wearing it, so it's all put away anyway."

Just as baffled by the mountain of ironing, a fourth person said: "I would have ran out of clothes waiting for that lot to be ironed. Just fold it up neatly then it doesn't really crease anyway."

They advised: "Ditch off the iron."

One more said: "If you’re ironing pile is this high, I am assuming you iron as you need to when you pick your outfit?," before suggesting: "In that case put them away folded or hung (no ironing) and continue to iron as and when you need to when choosing outfits/ getting uniform ready."

They weren't the only ones as plenty more shared that they never iron their clothes anymore as they think it's a "waste of time", with some confessing they actually don't even own an iron.

"What's ironing?" joked one person. "Wash, tumble, fold, put away. 2 hours from start to finish."

Another said: "This is why I gave up ironing 7 years ago. I iron when I need it. Life is too short."

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