Marking the beginning of December, many of us have opened the first door on an advent calendar.

Whether it be some chocolate behind each door, or something else, many children - and adults - have now torn off door number one.

But one mum said her advent calendar choice for her children has made her feel like a bad parent.

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The woman said her children seem happy with theirs, but after she took a look on Facebook she feared she should have bought better ones.

Posting on Mumsnet, she wrote: "I did not get them a toy advent calendar like many people have posted on Facebook.

"They have chocolate ones. They seem happy with that but what if their friends have the toy ones and they realise they don't?

"We don't have matching Christmas pyjamas, I don't plan to do Christmas Eve boxes.

"I haven't booked a Santa experience, a winter wonderland or any other things."

The mum continued to say her family has their decorations up already and have been out looking at neighbours' lights together over the past few nights.

She added: "[My daughter] did see Santa at a winter fayre but it was a quick whip in and out grotto, and we've been to look in the local garden centre which is amazing at Christmas.

She said social media is "the devil"
She said social media is "the devil"

"They've got a fair amount of presents each on Christmas Day itself but is all the extra leading up to it essential?

"Please tell I'm not the only one who doesn't do everything everyone else is doing?

"Social media is the devil. Making me feel like we don't do much in comparison."

Other parents were quick to try and reassure her.

One said: "Do not feel bad, this year has been absolutely crazy with the things you can buy but kids need time spending with them, not stuff."

Another said: "Comparison is the thief of joy! I don’t do any of that stuff either. Not keen on the complete commercialisation of Christmas.

"My kids are happy, healthy and well adjusted having never had a toy advent calendar or Christmas Eve box. They’ve also never been to a Santa Experience.

"You’re doing a great job."

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