A mum was forced to give birth in her living room while her entire family were visiting and as plumbers fitted her new washing machine in the next room.

Amy Sheddon, 29, and husband Harry 32, welcomed baby son Angus at their on April 26.

Amy had planned a home delivery, at the couple's house in Girvan, Scotland, and had a birthing pool set up in her living room.

However, she was surprised when her waters suddenly broke with no contractions, reports the Daily Record.

Despite having her own parents, Edie and Alistair Scobie - and her in-laws Stewart and Margo Sheddon - as well as son Harrison, two, all in the house, she had no choice but to give birth with everyone there.

Amy said: "We had always wanted a home delivery but this was not exactly what we were expecting.

Mum gives birth in lounge
Amy's waters broke suddenly, and without warning

"Our washing machine had broken just a few days before so we were in the middle of getting a new one delivered.

"Harry and I also had an appointment at a chiropractor that day so Harry's parents came over to collect Harrison to take him out for the day and my mum and dad had arrived. It was supposed to be a very normal day."

She said: "My waters broke as I was handing Harrison over to my in-laws and I was thinking, ok this baby is coming now so we immediately started filling up the birthing pool.

"As my in-laws were there to collect Harrison anyway, they just stayed and entertained him in the garden while I was in labour."

Harry called Amy's midwife from Ayrshire Maternity Unit at Crosshouse Hospital, who headed to the family home to assist with the birth.

Mum gives birth in lounge
Baby Angus arrived safe and sound

Just two hours passed before Angus made his arrival into the world, but not before plumbers had turned up with Amy's new washing machine delivery.

Amy explained: "I was in full labour when the washing machine delivery guys turned up. So while I was in the pool in the living room humming and mooing like a cow, these guys were next door in the kitchen plumbing in my washing machine with my dad. It was very surreal.

"I had imagined this lovely dark, atmospheric room and had set up fairy lights and music for me and Harry to bring our baby into the world and create the perfect birthing experience, but in reality the sun was beaming through the window, my whole family were wandering around and there were plumbers in the room next door.

"It's quite funny but it didn't make having Angus any less magical and we were so happy all our family shared such a special experience with us in our own home."

Mum gives birth in lounge
It wasn't quite the calm and relaxing experience Amy imagined

Amy and Harry had decided to opt for a home birth following a traumatic experience with baby loss last year.

The couple were left devastated when, at their 12 week scan in March 2020, doctors told them their unborn child had anencephaly - a rare condition linked to Spina Bifida, where the baby develops without part of the skull.

Amy and Harry had to make the heartbreaking decision to end the pregnancy after doctors told the couple the baby would not survive.

The couple found out they had been expecting a baby girl who they named Starling Maree.

Mum gives birth in lounge
Amy said the moment was still completely magical, despite the unexpected timing

At the time, Covid restrictions had just been implemented in hospitals meaning Amy had to attend appointments alone or had to explain their situation over and over to ensure that Harry was able to accompany her.

She said: "In the end Harry was with me and I was so grateful for that but we kept having to explain to medical staff what was wrong so he was made an exception.

"So when we fell pregnant again I knew I wanted a water birth so that Harry could be there from the beginning and no restrictions would impact our experience.

"We feel so privileged to have had out home birth, it was a truly wonderful and healing experience."