A weary mum has charted the hilarious reality of hotel quarantine with her young son and partner as she waits out 11 nights of isolation at a cost of £2,400.

Megan McKelvey and her family were quickly whisked off to a Capital suite as per the travel restrictions laid out by Holyrood after jetting into Edinburgh from the US on Tuesday.

At £1,750 for the first guest and £650 thereafter, many would expect it to be a luxury experience.

But the mum has laid the ups and downs bare in a series of revealing TikToks offering a rare insight into the government-mandated stay.

Highlights appear to have included catching a glimpse of a secret film production taking place on the street outside and a sweet family game of cards.

But the mum jokingly explained how her life had become an endless cycle of Paw Patrol reruns and Covid tests as they looked to pass the time, Edinburgh Live reports.

On night one, the family are sitting around playing cards while the energetic little one makes full use of his new surroundings.

Night two sees them enjoy repeats of the popular children’s cartoon before undergoing the mandatory COVID lateral flow tests.

Scottish Government guidelines require anyone who travels directly to Scotland from overseas to quarantine at a hotel for ten days, or 11 nights, as soon as they arrive.

megan mckelvey
Covid tests are among the activities the family have been doing to pass the time
megan mckelvey
Megan's toddler was a bundle of joy - and energy - throughout the stay

People are required to book the hotel they will be isolating in, through the quarantine hotel booking website, before making their way to Scotland. In addition to Edinburgh, hotels are also located in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Meals, along with fruit and soft drinks, are delivered to rooms, while water, tea and coffee is pre-stocked.

People are also required to take Covid-19 tests while they are in hotel rooms – on day two and day eight of their ten day stay. If either of these are positive they are required to quarantine for a longer period.

Prices for the hotel stays do not come cheap, with costs placed at £1750 for the first adult and then £650 for any other adults or children over the age of 12 after that.

It's £325 for children aged five to 12. There are then additional charges for anyone who has to stay longer than ten days.