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Mum creates campsite birthday party at home for daughter including ‘hot tub’ and DJ set – and parents are very impressed

CELEBRATING birthdays during the lockdown is a little trickier than usual thanks to all-important social distancing.

But one mum was determined that the coronavirus wouldn't get in the way of her little girl turning six.

In a post on Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK', the creative parent explained that her daughter had been desperate for a party from since before the pandemic began.

The woman, called Lisa, shared snaps and video clips of the incredible campsite she had created in their living room to make up for it - complete with a "hot tub" fashioned from a paddling pool, a cute tent, marshmallows for toasting and the promise of a set from "DJ Sticks".

She wrote: "Over the last three weeks my little girl KayliMia and her step-brother and sister, six and eight, had no idea while collecting sticks whenever we could get out, making insects from all the recycling we had, making arts and crafts together as a family whenever ever day, would all come together and be an INDOOR CAMP SITE!

"At 9am tomorrow they all find out together that for they’re sister birthday, WERE GOING CAMPING!!

"Apart from the Toy Story tent and some banners that got delivered, all this was made by hand.

"The painting, gluing, colouring, sticking..... has now become this....."

As well as pictures of the finished result, Lisa also revealed images of her making the decorations with the none-the-wiser kids.

The mum added: "I can’t wait! To see all their faces tomorrow and start our camping weekend."

Her post went down well with fellow members who left more than 1,200 'likes'.

One person wrote: "Wonderful idea."

Another commented: "That is so beautiful and very artistic."

A third shared: "How wonderful, what a birthday surprise, hope you all have a brilliant time."

And a fourth added: "Absolutely fantastic and I'm sure it'll be a memorable birthday. Have a wonderful day."

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Mum creates incredible campfire movie night for kids in living room with a tent, marshmallows and real fire wood

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