A Southport mum was blown away by a McDonald's manager after the restaurant's system went down as they ordered their meal.

Ana Lopez Gonzales was visiting the restaurant in Kew Retail Park on Wednesday, October 13, with her daughter for dinner.

After arriving at the restaurant, they ordered their meal through the self-service counter before the systems went down.

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A staff member told them to wait at the table for the food to come over but, after a long while waiting, Ana decided to enquire about their food at the main counter.

Ana spoke to the restaurant's manager who went the 'extra mile' to make sure they got their meals quickly and left happy.

The mum told the ECHO : "We went to McDonald's and ordered through the self counter. It turned out the self counter wasn't working. Their systems had gone down.

"A young lad came to us and told us that their systems had gone down. He said to wait in the table and they will bring the food over.

"After waiting for a bit , I went over the main counter, and told one of the women what was happening and it turned out to be the manager.

"She went over and above to ensure we got our food and keep apologising. She was very nice and polite. It's probably the nicest encounter I've ever had at McDonald's.

"Top professional, even my daughter commented how nice she was. A thumbs up to her."

Ana was so impressed with her experience, she decided to share her story on a local Facebook group and was inundated with replies.

One person commented: "There's a young girl that works there, no idea who she is, but each time we go through the drive-thru she sticks her head fully out of the window with a big beaming face!

"She just always looks so happy, lovely to see."

Another said: "Kew is the best McDonald's. Staff are all lovely."