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Mum, 25, stabbed to death after hunting sister’s ex who knifed her in self-defence before he crawled to safety

A MUM of two young daughters was stabbed to death after hunting her sister's ex, who knifed her in self-defence.

Levi Davis, 25, died during a fight between her boyfriend Jake Swords, 27, and Lucas Barnard.

Tragically, the shocking incident would eventually claim two lives - with Swords dying behind bars months later. No cause of death has yet been released by authorities.

Horror unfolded when Miss Davis and Swords, along with their friend Anthony Spring, ploughed a van into Mr Barnard.

It's alleged Mr Barnard was attacked with knives brought to the scene as he lay on the ground.

Despite suffering a broken leg in the crash, Mr Barnard managed to grab one of the blades - before plunging it into Miss Davis' chest.

He then managed to drag himself to his mum's house, where he was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Later, however, cops were forced to release him without charge after CCTV showed he'd acted in self defence.

Now Spring, of Wellingborough in Northants, has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years behind bars after admitting possession of an offensive weapon and assisting an offender.

The court heard tensions between the brawlers began when Miss Davis fell out with her sister, Jordan.

Jordan was in a relationship with Mr Barnard at the time.

On the day of the tragedy, Miss Davis went out to find Mr Barnard with her boyfriend.

The couple dropped the children, two and five, off with their grandmother before driving to get knives and pick up Spring.


When the trio spotted Mr Barnard, he made a run for it - but was mown down and beaten while seriously hurt on the ground, prosecutors said.

He managed to grab one of the knives and lashed out at Miss Davis, causing her fatal injuries.

It was then that Spring, 30, took the blade, wiped it off on the grass, ran off and hid it - all while Miss Davis lay dying on the ground.

The knife has never been recovered.

Swords was held for attempted murder - but died while in prison, months after his girlfriend's death.

It means that, of the four, just Mr Barnard and Spring are left alive.

Sword had told a court before his death: "Levi was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"She had nothing to do with it."

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