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Mrs Hinch wannabes are using dishwasher tablets as detergent and are raving about the results


KEEPING white clothes looking bright is a tough challenge even if you separate your laundry, but one woman claims to have found the answer.

White clothes always seem to fade after a few washes, but if you were debating chucking away your old wardrobe, try throwing in a dishwasher tablet instead.

While normally used to clean dishes, Mrs Hinch fans claim the tablets give their whites a new lease of life.

Posting on Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one woman shared her secret to sparkling clothes.

“Even got the sun creams stains out.”

Her advice has gone down a storm online, with hundreds of people liking her post, vowing to try it out for themselves.

Another said: “Going to give it a go then.”

A third commented: “After seeing this post yesterday I just brought Asda own ones and done a wash.

“My daughter’s jumper and top were slightly off colour and now they’re lovely and white again.”

Others shared their success stories, with one woman adding: “Always done this haven’t even got a dishwasher lol.”

And this mum agreed, saying: “Me neither kids thought I was mad when I got some.”

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