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Mrs Hinch super fan decorates her Christmas tree with cleaning products & a bottle of FAIRY LIQUID for the tree topper

BRITS up and down the country are decorating their Christmas trees tonight, but one Mrs Hinch fan went for an usual theme. 

Fellow cleanfluencer Mrs Krelle decided to deck out her fir with cleaning products both she and Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, love. 

Mrs Krelle’s snow-covered tree is covered in Minky cloths, Marigolds and bottles of Zoflora.

And the crowning glory is a bottle of Fairy Liquid as the tree topper, as opposed to a traditional Christmas fairy. 

The mum shared her unique tree to her Instagram page, athomewithmrskrelle, where she said: “Just putting the FAIRY on top of the tree.

“I mean what did you guys expect .This is me. 

“Merry Christmas my lovelies. One tree is finally up.” 

She also shared the tree to Facebook, with dozens of fellow cleaning fans in love with the look. 

One person said: “You are an absolute legend!!!”

Another wrote: “Love it.”

A third commented: “Love this you are so brilliant.”

This fan posted: “Loving this.”

While another added: “Brilliant.”

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