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More than HALF of Democrats want party to ditch Joe Biden and make NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo the party’s presidential nominee

MORE than half of Democrats want to ditch Joe Biden and make NY Governor Andrew Cuomo the party's 2020 presidential nominee.

Poll results obtained by the New York Post indicate that Dems are keen to replace Biden with Cuomo, who has been praised for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

Liberals, hispanic voters, young people, and women are all more likely to vote for the governor of New York, according to this telling data.

The stats show 56 percent of the party like Cuomo better versus the 44 percent wanting to stand by Biden.

The Post notes this 12-point margin is far beyond the Democratic sample's usual margin of error of 4.8 percent.

Conducted from April 3 to 6, the poll was commissioned by the conservative, pro-Republican Club for Growth.

Despite this poll support, the success of his daily press briefings, and social media fanfare, Cuomo has rubbished claims he plans to run against Trump for the Dems in November - even when his brother, CNN journalist Chris Cuomo, grilled him about it.

But Club for Growth Vice President of Communications, Joe Kildea, said the online poll results really show Biden's weakness as a party candidate.

“With every major news event Democrats realize more and more how bad of a candidate Joe Biden is," Kildea told the Post. "Democrats now preferring Cuomo is just another example."

A representative sample of 1,000 people were used by WPAi, the top-three polling firms used by Republicans.

Chief Research Officer Bryon Allen said polling was done to reflect different races, location, gender, education and age.

There were 361 Democratic respondents, 349 Republican respondents and 262 independents who were asked: “based on what you know today, do you agree or disagree that Democrats should nominate Governor Andrew Cuomo for president instead of Joe Biden?”

Support for Cuomo surged to 57 percent among people who voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But among the 2016 Trump voters, 53 percent wanted Dems to keep Biden.

Fifty-five percent of black voters favored Cuomo while just 45 percent wanted to keep Biden.

Amongst 25 to 34-year-olds - in any party - 67 percent preferred Cuomo, while 57 percent of all women and 58 percent of Hispanic voters would back him.

It was a middling split in preference among white people and college graduates, the poll found.

This adds to the results of the Rasmussen Reports poll conducted between April 2-5.

It concluded that 46 percent of Democratic voters backed Biden while 45 percent wanted Cuomo.

The poll results cited by the Post also reveal telling approval ratings for Biden versus Cuomo amid the coronavirus crisis.

Poll results shared with The Post also rated approval or disapproval of how Biden and Cuomo are handling the coronavirus outbreak.

There was 54 percent approval for Cuomo while just 20 percent disapproved of his job.

Biden received a 32 percent approval, 35 percent disapproved of him and 34 percent weren't quite sure.

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