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Moon sign calculator: What is my moon sign and what does it mean?

WHETHER you live your life according to the stars, or not, very few people (if any) are unsure about what their star sign is - which refers to your sign of the zodiac according to the sun.

But just as there's day, there's also night, meaning, we each have moon sign, too - but what does this actually mean?

What is a moon sign?

Your star sign is determined by the sun's position at the time you were born, which is said to dictate your personality.

Your moon sign, however, represents your emotions and inner mood, and according to astrologers, the two go hand-in-hand.

This is especially true for women, according to Lunarium, since the Moon in astrology is the patroness of women.

According to "In many ways, your moon sign will describe what you do naturally, and your sun sign will point to what you will develop, as well as who you must become."

How do I find out my moon sign?

While your sun sign is easy to determine - based on the date you were born - it's a little more complicated to work out your moon sign.

Your moon sign is determined by calculating your full date, place and time of birth and finding your position around the moon.

It moves quickly around the zodiac, visiting each sign for around two to two and a half days.

Your moon sign is likely to be different from your sun sign - i.e. you might be a Taurus, but your lunar sign might be in Sagittarius.

Luckily, there are Moon Sign Calculators available online, such as this one from Lunarium, which can help you work out your sign.

What does my moon sign say about me?

According to Thrive Global:

Aries - You are highly emotional, assertive and passionate

Taurus - You have a penchant for self-care and comfort and thrive in beautiful environments

Gemini - You value communication and sharing ideas. Art and creativity also emotionally resonate with you.

Cancer - You are moody but emotionally intelligent. You are happiest when at home.

Leo - You shine with confidence and love being in the spotlight

Virgo - You value simplicity and being productive . Emotionally, you’re impacted by details.

Libra - You prioritise connection and aesthetics and are a natural peacekeeper. You are happiest when spending quality time with loved ones.

Scorpio - Your emotions and magnetism are intense but mysterious. You often get "hunches" and they're usually correct.

Sagittarius - You are emotionally connected to the learning process and have a passion for exploration.

Capricorn - You are emotionally attached to your accomplishments and happiest when achieving your goals.

Aquarius - You need freedom. You use your emotions to relate to humanity at large. You are independent.

Pisces - You are emotionally intuitive beyond compare. You are are compassionate and otherworldly.

For more explainers, what are my sun and moon signs, combinations and which are compatible?

ZODIAC SIGNS: What's a star sign and how do I find mine?

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