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Montana Brown reveals THREE Hollywood A-listers have slid into her DMs since Love Island

LOVE Island's Montana Brown revealed three Hollywood stars have slid into her DMs since she shot to fame on the reality show.

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan UK, the TV star named the famous trio but stopped short of spilling the tea on what they actually said.

“I’ve actually had some very odd people slide into my DMs," she explained. "I’m just going to say it. David Spade from 8 Simple Rules. Chris Brown slid into my DMs. That was… sweet. Tyga slid into my DMs once upon a time. Who else? I’m ratting them out here, sorry guys. I think we’ll leave that there.”

A new batch of singletons will see their lives change when Love Island kicks off on Monday night.

Montana had some words of wisdom for them, although it might have come a bit too late, with the contestants already in quarantine.

She said: “Enjoy yourself, live in the moment. Don’t pretend to be anyone else, because uniqueness will be your superpower.

"[Afterwards] take your time to adjust - the normal feelings of coming off of a show like that when your life gets flipped upside down is paranoia and anxiety and fear of going out in public.

"I don’t think anyone understands unless you’ve been on the show. Take your time, bring your friends with you, bring an agent with you. Find out what you’re comfortable with and stick to that. Don’t let anyone push you over your boundaries.”

And if any of them are keen singers they should consider their song choices carefully.

Montana, a former choir girl, put producers in a tight spot when she would belt out tunes the show wasn't licensed to play.

She said: "They had specific input on me because I kept singing songs and they didn’t have the licensing for so they kept pulling me up on it.

"But apart from that or telling me to ‘shh’, they didn’t really have much input into conversations. We didn’t need it - we were very drama filled all by ourselves.”

Love Island’s Montana Brown and friends enjoy the sun on a Maldives beach

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