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Moment police officer uses battering ram to rescue trapped colleague who locked himself in BATHROOM

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a police officer was forced to use a battering ram to rescue his colleague, who had locked himself in the bathroom.

The footage, which was posted to social media site ‘UK Cop Humour’ shows a line of officers laughing as their colleague walks through the station towards the bathroom holding a large red metal enforcer.

As the officer approaches the bathroom, he calls out to his bogged down colleague, trapped behind the door: “Are your trousers up or what?”

Onlookers are heard laughing in the hall.

The officer yells out again “Are you ready or what?”
His trapped colleague is heard muffling a soft “yes”.

In one swift movement, the officer barges down the bathroom door and saves the day.

His now freed friend sheepishly emerges from the cubicle, thanking his saviour as cheers erupt from his peers in the background.

Battering rams originated in ancient times as a medieval weapon, usually made of timber, used to bear down the gates or walls of a besieged city or castle.

Currently, battering rams – also known informally as ‘the big red key’ are used by British SWAT teams and police forces to open locked doors and gain entry into premises.

The tubular steel construction can apply more than three tonnes of impact force to door locks, weighing around 16 kilograms.

The force of the ram is made evident in the video, as it takes just one tap on the door to make it fling right open.

UK Cop Humour posted the video with the tongue in cheek caption: ‘What's the Cake Fine for getting yourself locked in the bathroom and having to be saved by Firearms...?’

One user wrote: “Cake fine for everyone there for not being able to knock the door in Only took a tap !!”

Another joked: Can’t see how you manage to lock yourself in the kazi. Fairly certain the pure embarrassment of it is enormous punishment in itself.”

All agreed the freed officer definitely owed his team a round of sweets to say thanks.

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