A man has been arrested after he allegedly burst into a kebab shop with a knife demanding "get me free chips", with the incident caught on CCTV yesterday.

Footage shows a man entering Yummies Pizza & Kebab House, in Winch Wen, Swansea, with the weapon before threatening the owner by saying "I've got a knife".

Somer Et, the owner of Yummies, said: "He walked inside and I said, 'How can I help?' and he was swearing and said, 'I want f***ing chips' and, 'Get me free chips, I've got a knife'.

"When I saw the knife I said to my friend quietly, 'Call the police' and I said to him, 'OK I'm cooking your chips' and I tried to keep him in the shop."

The man allegedly threatened the kebab shop owner with a knife

Mr Et said he managed to keep the man inside the shop for nine minutes

South Wales Police were called to reports of a man threatening staff at Yummies Pizza & Kebab House, in Colwyn Avenue at around 4:45 pm on Monday, June 1.

The suspect left Yummies and went to the Best One shop next door.

Mr Et followed him and said to the staff "watch him, he's got a knife".

Soner Et said he managed to distract the suspect for nine minutes

He added that the suspect started shouting "I'm going to rob this place" while six customers were inside the shop.

Mr Et said the customers left the shop, so he trapped the man inside,

"He was still inside so I grabbed the door handle outside so I kept him inside the shop," he said.

Armed police then arrived and arrested the suspect.

Jaqueline Jones who works at Best One said she was 'shaken'

"It was a real shock. I've been here for seven years and never seen anything like this before," added Mr Et.

Jaqueline Jones, who was working in Best One when the incident happened, said: "Soner came to the window and said the bloke in the queue has got a knife and the next thing this guy starts kicking off in the shop.

"I didn't see him or the knife because I was serving a customer, he was standing in the queue just waiting to be served.

"He said 'I'm not paying for anything' so I told him to just take whatever he wants."

Jaqueline, who said was "shaken up" after the incident, said after the customers left the shop she was able to get into a secure room at the back of the shop and lock herself in.

She said: "Soner was amazing he was quick-thinking and very brave.

"He wasn't thinking of anyone else he was thinking of others.

"When he knew I was safe he went back outside and held the door closed until the police came," she added.

A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said: "We received reports of a man threatening staff with a knife at premises in Colwyn Avenue, Winch Wen at about 4.45pm yesterday.

"Officers attended, including armed officers as a precaution.

"A 19-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of robbery and remains in police custody."