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Molly-Mae Hague fans praise her natural beauty as she gets her lip fillers dissolved

MOLLY-MAE Hague’s fans have praised her natural beauty as she takes the plunge and gets her lip fillers dissolved. 

The Love Island star said before the procedure that she was really nervous as she had been having filler in her lips since she was 17. 

The 21-year-old told her fans she's on a journey to go back to her natural beauty and is also looking into having her teeth altered.

The influencer is used to having filler in order to plump up her pout because she felt her lips were "non existent".

Beautiful Molly-Mae told her fans she's been toying with the idea for six months to have a more natural cupid's bow.

One wrote: "So glad she has the confidence to do this, she’s literally penalised for everything she does! You look absolutely stunning xx"

"This video is more than just a lip filler dissolve video. It’s witnessing someone being more confident in their own skin and appreciating their natural beauty," penned another.

While a third gushed: "We’re so programmed to think that getting work done will make you look more beautiful that I was actually surprised that I found you even more beautiful when you got them dissolved. Really respect you for doing this and being public about it ❤️"

Molly-Mae made it clear she feels she's gone too far with her lips and is unhappy with them, showing the camera a close up of her pout.

Molly-Mae then filmed her lips close up and told: "These are my lips before, they have lumps in, bumps in, they are uneven.

She said: "I reckon in total I probably have about 5ml of filler in these all together.

"I have not had them done for about a year now, maybe more actually.

"They haven’t been done for a long time but still that filler is rock hard and thriving and needs to be gone."

Molly-Mae, who has 1.34 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, revealed the whole process of getting her lips dissolved.

Vlogging her experience, she told her fans that she hopes they "can learn from her mistakes."

Although an influencer who could definitely score the procedure for free, Molly-Mae told fans that she was paying for filler dissolving procedure.

Filming the whole process, Molly-Mae unveiled the results hours later.

Love Island's Molly Mae reveals she's had her lip fillers dissolved - but hides the results

The Love Island star said: "I am home guys and wow my lips, my lips, my lips, they’re not there anymore they are gone I am going to show you guys now, ready?"

Molly-Mae then exclaimed: "Oh my god it doesn’t even look that different! I was just face timing my sister and we were both crying at how small my lips have gone!

"This is completely and utterly swollen they are going to be way smaller than this tomorrow I can tell. When I got in the car I was traumatised as they were so swollen."

The star, who admitted earlier in the video she wants to be more natural, added: "I am weirdly happy I feel like I have gone back to 15 year old me."

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