A voter in Hampshire has summed up the mood of the nation by despairing over the choice of ‘red man’ Jeremy Corbyn or ‘buffoon’ Boris Johnson in the upcoming election.

Molly Bennett, 86, won hearts for her brutally honest opinions of the main party leaders during an impromptu interview with Sky News.

She said she couldn’t work out who to vote for but that it definitely wouldn’t be Labour because of its leader, Mr Corbyn.

Referring to allegations of anti-Semitism that have plagued the party during its election campaign, she said: ‘He doesn’t like Jewish people and I don’t agree with that.’



Molly then said she didn’t want to vote for Mr Johnson either, saying: ‘I normally vote Conservative but I can’t bear the buffoon.’

She even criticised the prime minister’s advisers, saying: ‘Anybody who doesn’t know he needs longer shirts, is an idiot.

‘And anyone who gets stuck up a lamppost is an idiot too.’

Why Sky News political reporter Lews Gooddall asked Molly: ‘Have you ever voted Lib Dem before?’

She told him she had ‘because of Sheila – a local Liberal person’.

She went on to say she had previously voted for Theresa May, before slamming the current government for ‘maltreating’ her.

The reporter then said: ‘So Theresa May last time, maybe this time Lib Dem?’

Molly responded: ‘Do you know I’m so terribly undecided.

‘I don’t know if I’ll waste a vote, if you’ve got enough people to not waste a vote.

‘But I can’t think of anybody else…’

We have a feeling Molly isn’t alone.