A woman has been praised for sharing "realistic" pictures of her body online.

With an abundance of photo editing apps like Facetune on the market, it takes mere seconds to smooth your skin, cinch in your waist and blur out that cellulite - and it's happening more and more on Instagram.

In an attempt to show the reality of posting on social media, Karina Irby, an Instagram influencer and model, often shares before and after photos of her body - and it's refreshing for many who worry about not achieving the "perfection" they see online, reports Daily Star.

In a recent post, the 31-year-old, who boasts 1.2 million followers on the photo-sharing platform, shared a bikini snap that she "almost deleted", but instead used to document how she felt.

She didn't want to post this picture at first (


She took the opportunity to document how she felt with her followers (



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The picture, which sees Karina lounging on the beach in a cow print bikini was captioned: "I definitely wasn’t vibing this pic at the time. I also felt so soft and unfit on the day.

"Mentally and physically just not feeling amazing…

"BUT, looking at my pics again with fresh eyes and a clear head I think I look ca-uuuuute!

"I also think it’s SO puppy important to share relaxed pics like this on socials because it’s a nice reminder bodies also look like this."

One person said: "You’re my inspiration. And you’re so beautiful. Thanks for being a real human showing their beauty."

Another added: "You make me feel normal."

This isn't the first time Karina has posted about the importance of showing the reality of 'perfect' photos.

Karina previously shared a number of side by side images with one being the finished, touched-up version, and the other a more candid 'normal' shot.

Take a look at them here.

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