This heartbreaking image of an amputee in Yemen has earned Mirror photographer Philip Coburn a commendation in a major competition.

Salah Al Wahbei, nine, had lost his leg after standing on a landmine in the war-torn country.

Philip took the picture last year in his first frontline war assignment since losing both his own legs in a blast while working in Afghanistan in 2010.

The image of Salah in the hospital was awarded a “Remarkable Artwork” commendation in the Documentary and Photojournalism section of the 2020 Siena International Photo Awards.

Philip said: “It is always nice to get recognition for pictures I am proud of.

Philip and Salah are both amputees
Philip and Salah are both amputees

“I found it particularly poignant to photograph this brave lad.

“Not only is he is the same age as my youngest son, James, but I too have lost limbs so I can empathise with his plight, both physical and mental.”