A mini version of the Tartan Army is on the march for tonight’s tussle between Scotland and England.

Legions of LEGO foot soldiers have been produced by United Bricks in Castle Douglas.

And the owners put together a special edition of Standard reporter Kenny MacDonald in a miniature kilt.

Kenny said: “I love the mini-me version of me, especially as it makes me look quite thin.

“The figure has a MacDonald Tartan kilt and is completed with my grey hair and beard.”

The firm is run by brothers Reece and Callum Winspear while their mum, Judith, helps out at the King Street store.

Reece, 27, said: “We have been in business for about three years and it was like a hobby for my brother which has developed into a business.

“We do our own custom printed LEGO minifigures and accessories while online we also have specialist military scenes and the most popular is WWI and WWII.

“We have recently been developing more Scottish history battles and scenes which go down well with foreign tourists.

“So we are concentrating on The Covenanters and Jacobite Revolution.”

The store has a model military scene with soldiers nestling at the back of the shop depicting a World War II battle at Sword Beach in Normandy.

Reece added: “These are very popular, but in the shop the favourite here is Technik cars – although the Star Wars figures are always hugely popular.”